All plots are sold out except C7, for which the tender evaluation process is still ongoing.


A new day is beginning on Ile Soleil and with it a different concept of living for Seychelles is taking shape.

Spread out across 123,000 square metres of reclaimed land off Mahé’s eastern coast, Ile Soleil is a residential and commercial development for Seychellois that is meant to rekindle a sense of community and belonging for its residents and patrons.

Using the latest green technologies, together with a carefully designed development plan, the island aims to overcome the pitfalls of piecemeal development, while serving as a platform for homes, businesses and civic attractions to co-exist in harmony with nature. 

A village of the future that pays homage to our rich cultural past, Ile Soleil is where the resourcefulness and economy of Creole tradition, together with modern technologies, merge toward one common footprint for an ecologically sound lifestyle.


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